Brew n’ Chew at The Diamond


Back in action! My apologies for those of you following along—the past month has been quite busy. I do have some cool news though…

For the past year and a half, I’ve been brewing beer with two lovely gentlemen. Both have been brewing beer with friends and family for quite sometime but when we all found ourselves in the same city (and same apartment, as it turned out) we decided to combine forces and begin a mini brew operation in our kitchen. Since September of 2011, Green Groove Brewers has made over 20 different batches of beer and just last weekend competed in (and won!) our very first home brew competition. The Brew n’ Chew consisted of two teams and was held at The Diamond in Greenpoint. All ticket proceeds were donated to the Greenpoint Reformed Church Food Pantry—over $500 was raised! If you haven’t been to The Diamond, go check it out! It’s a great little bar on Franklin that boasts good beer, a killer backyard and table top shuffle board.

Green Groove Brewers

So, what was the winning beer and snack pairing? The snack was a slow cooked, dry-rubbed pulled pork with a persimmon, apple and red cabbage slaw all piled up on a roasted potato chip. Our beer, Spring Tides, was a steam finished off with Adirondack Wildflower Summer Honey from Mohawk Valley Trading Company.

Spring Tides

A steam beer, now known as a California Common, is the first truly American beer style—it originated in the 19th century in San Francisco. Ever hear of Anchor Steam? Well, the Anchor Brewing Company trademarked the term ‘steam beer’ because they were the first to brew it. Basically, a steam beer uses a lager yeast (typically fermented at a low temperature) and is given a warmer fermentation. We brewed a pretty traditional steam but towards the end of our boil, we added a pound of the wildflower honey. The result was a clear, crisp, golden-tinted beer that tasted sweet and floral like a honeysuckle.


We thought the honey in the beer would play well with the persimmon and apple slaw. From there, we built onto the dish adding a smoky pulled pork and the roasted, salty potato as a base.


A special thank you to all of our friends who came out! We had an awesome time and couldn’t have done it without you all.


New Year, new post

How was your New Year’s Eve? What did you eat, drink and toast to in those first moments of 2013? I was fortunate enough to spend the evening with good friends snacking on caponata crostini, oysters, lobster pot pie and champagne. After a meal like that, it’ll be easy to take on my resolution to work out more in the new year. 🙂

first course


Sandy and Stumptown

Greetings, internet friends! Welcome to Meauxcrow, my newest blogging adventure.

As some of you may know, I’ve been out of work all week due to the devastating flooding/blackouts caused by Superstorm Sandy.  While my neck of the woods emerged more or less unscathed, my office in lower Manhattan was not so lucky. There are still so many without power, running water or a warm place to lay their head. If you’re out there and wondering what you can do, please visit to donate.

Like many of my fellow New Yorkers, I’ve been obsessively checking work emails and transit updates waiting for the triumphant return to normalcy.  What’s getting me through the cold, gray days post-Sandy? Stumptown’s Hairbender. Roasted in Brooklyn, brewed in my apartment-it’s the pick-me-up I’ve been looking for.