Lazin’ and Grazin’

Those of you living in the Greenpoint/Williamsburg area of Brooklyn may have noticed a new farmer’s market in McGolrick Park. Since it’s opening in early June, I’ve made a habit of walking to the park to pick up my week’s worth of fresh fruit and veggies. Every Sunday this summer has been a treat for me-chatting up farmers and digging through bins of roots and greens.

With the market closing in just two weeks, I’ve been trying to get as much of the local produce as I can. Today I managed to pick up a handful of apples, some shallots, and a butternut and acorn squash.

I roasted the butternut squash and pureed it with blueberry honey, basil and parsley to make a base for lasagna. I sauteed a bunch of kale with garlic and layered it with the squash puree, a bit of ricotta, and some homemade lasagna noodles. The squash had a nice, fresh flavor and lent a bit of sweetness to the garlicky kale. Next time I think I’ll roast two squash as the lasagna noodles soaked up too much of the sauce and left it a bit on the dry side. Even so, it was a combo that will definitely be going into the recipe box.

I’m thinking of using the apples and shallots to make a sausage stuffing for the acorn squash. Geez Louise, I love fall.


Sandy and Stumptown

Greetings, internet friends! Welcome to Meauxcrow, my newest blogging adventure.

As some of you may know, I’ve been out of work all week due to the devastating flooding/blackouts caused by Superstorm Sandy.  While my neck of the woods emerged more or less unscathed, my office in lower Manhattan was not so lucky. There are still so many without power, running water or a warm place to lay their head. If you’re out there and wondering what you can do, please visit to donate.

Like many of my fellow New Yorkers, I’ve been obsessively checking work emails and transit updates waiting for the triumphant return to normalcy.  What’s getting me through the cold, gray days post-Sandy? Stumptown’s Hairbender. Roasted in Brooklyn, brewed in my apartment-it’s the pick-me-up I’ve been looking for.